Gaiaceous Gardens is no longer accepting clients.

Gaiaceous Gardens represents the fusion of Spiritual Permaculture with Horticulture. Our work blends landscape gardening with the awareness that the land we work with is alive and conscious with its own intelligence. We use mostly native plants to create, enhance, restore, regenerate and support suburban or rural forest, food forests and unique wildlife habitat. Our work is completely pesticide-free and minimizes additions to all forms of the pollution stream. 

We honor and incorporate the natural cycles of the seasons, and the many ways that the natural elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) interact on every piece of land with which we work. 

We prioritize the enhancement of beneficial soil micro-organisms to promote ecological harmony. 

Since every plant is a living organism, we incorporate the care of each plant’s own spirit and vital force into the work we do, while we tend each plant’s natural anatomy and immune system.

Given that healthy plants and trees are intimately connected to one another through their combined roots, interconnecting mycelium, and beneficial soil microbes, we approach each piece of land as a whole organism when considering the health, placement and cooperation of each plant.

Gaiaceous Gardens is an educational company that recognizes inherent equality in all living beings on Earth and offers a variety of opportunities for the humans we work with to remember their original connections and interdependence with the other-than-human lives around us. These educational and experiential opportunities include: classes, ceremonies, artwork, and written or recorded information shared on this website’s blog.