Energy Work & Ceremonial Offerings

Land Clearing & Blessing – especially good for newly purchased land or land that has experienced a lot of trauma or disturbance, this ceremony connects with the Spirit of the Land, clears away any remaining energies that no longer serve the higher good and deepen the bond between land owner & land. (Can be a 4-5 hr service)

Tree Communication – this is a simple conversation with a tree that can be directed toward any general purpose, question or intention. Do you have a special or unique tree on your land that you’d like to know more about? This might be the place to start. (Can be a 30min-2 hr long service)

Plant/Tree Heart Walk – this is a more deeply involved, intentional communication conducted as a kind of “check-in” with a particular tree or plant, perhaps after a trauma or an event that raises concern has happened. (Can be a 1-2 hr long service)

Plant/Tree Soul Retrieval – this ceremony is performed in conjunction with any/ all life-saving or immune-boosting measures being taken, when a beloved tree or plant is showing high stress or appears to be dying. This ceremony dives deeply into the traumatized energy layers stagnating the plant, clears them out with the intention of restoring harmony and typically includes simultaneous communication work to partner with the plant, co-create a healthy vision of their future, and to assure them that they are cared for and loved – this tends the emotional/psychological immune system of the plant and greatly improves the chances of survival. (Can be a 2-4 hr long service)

Permission-Asking of the Land and Spirits of Land & Place for New Construction – have you ever seen construction projects delayed by a continuous series of problems, accidents, equipment failure, etc to the point of feeling like the land is cursed? It’s not uncommon. I’ve conducted many of these ceremonies, and I’ve never had the Land reject a request, but it always appreciates being asked. Often, the Land also has a series of simple requests and/or would like to pass along important information about the history of the site, which the landowner may find valuable or interesting. (Can be a 2-4 hr
long service)

Saying Farewell to the Land (before moving away and/or selling) – this is a ceremony of completion that I facilitate between the human landowners or dwellers and the Land with which they have deeply bonded, before they have to part ways and leave the Land. I’ve led many of these ceremonies and have found that one of the things that prevents us from moving on from a place when we need to is our deep bond with the Land and the grief felt at the prospect of leaving it behind. The avoidance of this grief over saying good-bye has a way of throwing off schedules and delaying the inevitable. My ceremony lovingly walks everyone involved through an intimate and intentional process of saying farewell in a way that honors the relationship with the Land, leaves everyone feeling fully complete, and opens a path forward to move on. (Can be a 2-5 hr service)

Fees for Energy Work & Ceremonial Offerings: $100/hr
I take this work seriously and do not offer it lightly. These services involve a deep connection with energy frequencies not typically available to our 5 senses, so my abilities require regular discipline and practice. As such, I tend to these abilities on a daily basis, regardless of any ceremony I may have scheduled. This regular practice allows me to offer the highest quality ceremony and/or connection to the Land for your mutual benefit. Email me today at

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