Shamanic Work

From: Jennifer Rotermund, owner of Gaiaceous Gardens

Gaiaceous Gardens follows a Permaculture-based approach to the land. Permaculture is a system of connection with the land, one that recognizes that our dear Mother Earth (the Goddess Gaia) is a living, breathing, whole entity – a sentient being – who gives us life, feeds us, cares for us and deserves our respect and care in return. It is with this recognition and understanding of the earth that Permaculture also includes the use of tools and practices that interact with the Earth’s subtle energies, its vital force, and the Spirit that inhabits every aspect of Earth’s physical body.

Shamanism is the oldest form of religion or spirituality we know of on this planet. It exists in the lineage of every culture across the world. These days, Shamanic Practitioners are emerging and specializing in arenas of practice, where historically their reach in a village would have been more broad.

I’m a Shamanic Practitioner (trained by Char Sundust at Sundust Oracle Institute), and the work of my practice is with the land. I work with the land, with the Spirits of Land and Place and with those of us in human form who have relationships with the land where they live. Since early childhood, I’ve spoken with trees and been able to connect with the natural elements.

Although I’m trained in the science of Horticulture, I find that there are times and places where communication and connection with the Spirit of the plant, the tree, the herb, the life in the soil, beyond measurable science is useful and helpful.

Some of my services include:

  • General Land Assessment
  • Singing Plants into Being (new seeds/ installations) or back into health
  • Heart Walks with Trees and Shrubs to assess their health & placement, to assist with disease diagnosis or with issues of thriving.
  • Land Blessing, Welcoming & Bonding Ceremony
  • Honorable Closure with the Land (Farewell Ceremony – for those moving away)
  • Intentional Installation (placing a plant where it most wants to be)
  • Teaching & Coaching on how to connect with trees, tuning into the vibration of plants.

Fees: I charge $75/ hr for this work.

A great deal of time and preparation goes into this work and each ceremony. I’m happy to schedule a free initial conversation to answer questions and to assess whether this work is right for you and your property.